The Village Nation (TVN) philosophy comes directly from the African proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child’.

Since 2003, the TVN has helped develop hundreds of mentors and thousands of students to have compassion and the desire to see African American students excel through validating their natural intelligence and praising their leadership capabilities.

The heart of TVN’s work is in the education and empowerment of African American student’s grades 6th – 12th and their families. Our mission is to boost the capacity of caring adult mentors and support them in creating culturally responsive learning environments that engage and inspire African American youth and encourage them to embrace their natural intelligence and leadership capabilities. As a result, youth become more culturally developed individuals.

In working with students, parents, teachers and administrators, we strive to maintain the highest possible standards and quality while empowering our youth to be the change agents of tomorrow.  Rooted in their history, participants are encouraged to make better choices and demonstrate extraordinary achievement gains as they prepare to succeed in college, career, community and life.

Our Support :

·      To be motivators through understanding and high expectations

·      To establish a higher level of trust and rapport all we serve

·      To introspect about personal perceptions and beliefs

·   To improve awareness of personal attitudes toward and perceptions of young people and how those attitudes and perceptions influence behavior

·      To reflect on personal practice and the consequences so as to be viable role models for students

·      To commit to a responsibility to other team members and students in order to shift the academic culture of the school and implement an agenda that creates opportunity for students

·      To create and implement a game plan for the school that dramatically affects student achievement, and that creates a template/foundation to be used for other student populations to improve the entire school

·      To provide equitable access to quality higher education

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