July 1, 2012 marked the beginning of The Village Nation’s thirteenth year! In reflecting on what TVN’s family has accomplished over that time, your profound impact on the lives of our students has been like the Sun’s impact on her oceans. You have responded to the cries of the souls of our children with a mighty love that has warmed them and they have responded in ways they have baffled the “experts” and renewed the ancestors. Thank you for the ten years of helping us to begin the healing process for thousands of wounded children, reconnecting them to their greatness and bringing them to a place of wholeness and empowerment.

We’d like to continue celebrating you and lifting up the family’s phenomenal success that has come from your deep commitment, prayers and tireless effort. We can’t thank you enough for the love and hard work you have poured into transforming the learning experience for African American students around the country. We trust that you have derived great joy and fulfillment from seeing the fruits of your collective labor in the faces and bright futures of our youth. We look forward to celebrating while working harder than ever before in the years ahead to move the work to even greater heights.